Writers need to learn to write creatively. It’s easy to put words on paper, but the hard part is being creative with your writing.

We authors are a wordy bunch. We love to put words on paper. When we dona_readers_advice_to_writers‘t pay attention to what we are writing, we overuse a lot of words. It’s a constant battle for most of us, especially authors new to writing. It’s hard to re-create sentences, but that is what we must do to eliminate these overused words.

There are several helps on the internet to use to see these mistakes. It’s a lot easier for your editor when they receive your manuscript if these mistakes are corrected. Right now, I’m using It’s free and you can put small portions of your manuscript into the program, and it will be edited. They show you all of your mistakes. I’ve used and it’s just as good. I believe autocrit is a little more detailed.

Every author I know wants their book to be good and sell. There are two things a reader looks at. First is the cover, and second is the back blurb.

The back blurb is another part of writing creative. The blurb should be short and not tell too much. Limit the number of characters you mention in the blurb. Every character in the book doesn’t have to be mentioned. Usually, only the hero and the heroine are mentioned, unless there is a villain. You probably don’t want to mention the name of the villain in a blurb. Give them enough tease to make them want to read the book. That’s what the blurb is, a tease.

3 thoughts on “CREATIVE WRITING

  1. I have a question. Last week, I had found your web site and decided that I would like to submit a book to you. Today, I tried to find your site again to make sure I was doing everything according to the guidelines, yet I can’t find the page, it says error, not found, and all I can find is your blog. Are you still accepting submissions? If so, could I please have the guidelines and email?


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