Writing is nMagic-Wandot magic, but we want it to be. It would be nice to wave a magic wand and the correct words would appear on the page. That only happens in fairy tales. Remember how Harry Potter searched for the “right” wand? It had to be perfect and fit him. That’s how writing is. We search to find the right words, the right genre, and the knowledge to put it all together.

Even the brightest stars in sports, music, acting, etc. had to learn how to do their job. It takes training. It takes patience, and it takes perseverance. It’s not easy to write a book.

The best advice anyone can give you, as a new author, is to write daily. I write every day, and I’m improving in my writing ability. I write blogs, Facebook, and other venues. I tell people to “just write.”

The second best advice is to read books about the craft. Years ago, I started tole painting. I love to see what I paint on wood or paper or canvas. I took classes, read books, and watched every craft program on television. It took me a while to feel comfortable holding a paint brush and to know what areas you shaded. Eventually, I was able to give classes myself. If I had never picked up a paint brush, I’d have never learned to paint. If I hadn’t practiced, I’d never improved. If I’d never tried, I’d never learned.

Writing is much the same. Read books in the genre you write to get an idea of how that author weaves the story. Study books on writing, Donald Maas and James Scott Bell are good to read. Do the exercises in the books. Learn to write. Depend on your editor to help you. One day it will hit you like a ton of bricks. You’ll say, “Why did it take me so long to get this?” It will all click. You’ll have your “ah ha” moment. You’ll put out a good book and it will sell.

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