I must be in a magic theme right now, but it won’t last long, I promise.

Marketing is not magic. It’s a learning process, and it ta_readers_advice_to_writersakes time. If you want to succeed in anything, it takes time to learn the process. Marketing is no exception.

Let’s look at some ways to market your novel.

  1. Facebook. Have a Facebook author page. Post on Facebook daily. Like other people’s posts. Make friends and share. This bring more people to your Facebook. Tell everyone you’re an author. Let them know what is going on in your life. We may be introverts as authors, but we like to know about other people.
  2. Blog. For a new author, I’d say blog at least three times a week. When I blogged only once a week, I didn’t get that many people seeing my blog. When I began to write more, my numbers increased. Find your niche and write about it. I write about writing, you may have other interests. Write about your novel, what made you write it, and how you did it. You will find something to write about. Always tell your readers where they can purchase your book/books.
  3. Take advantage of other venues for writers. Put your book on Fiction Finder, Goodreads, Pinterest, or anyplace else that will let you. Do an author page on Bookbub, even though you haven’t advertised on it yet. When you publish a new book, it will go out to everyone who likes your page and follows you.
  4. Talk about your book. Don’t whisper, “I’m an author.” Shout it out! Let people know what you do. If you were a school teacher, I know you’d let your friends know. Be proud that you have a book published, you’ve done something a lot of people want to do..
  5. The last thing I’ll say is an example of #1. For several years I’ve been friends with author Janice Hanna Thompson. When I first met her, she was a struggling writer, had an agent, and several books published, but had not found her niche. She started writing books about weddings and found her niche. Her Facebook posts are filled with wedding cakes she bakes, books she’s writing about weddings, and her family. Janice found where she should be and she’s succeeding. Find your niche and write about it. It will help your business.


    • Yes, it’s very important to find your niche. I think yours is the beach. You can do some very inexpensive webs on It’s easy to do and it looks good, or at least I think mine does. See you soon.


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