Still in the magic mode, but book covers are magic. The reader sees the cover first when they enter a store or Amazon. They help the reader decide whether they want to pfc-colorblind-3rd-draftick a book up or not. We try to make them look appealing to the reader. They should tell something about the book.

Every book cover should be different from the others in the market. It should be an original cover by a good cover designer. If we see stock pictures that are used on several covers, we won’t use them. We want something different from what others have used many times for other covers.

Your cover design depends on the genre of your book. If you have a suspense, it should be darker, more sinister. Something to tell you it’s a suspense before you read the back blurb. If it’s a romance, it can be more colorful and happy. A romantic suspense can have some of both.

Color draws readers to the book. That’s one reason why we try to have covers with more color in them. We never use covers that are made by someone else and we plop the title and author name on them. Think about how many people have used these before you did. We do the original work ourselves and sometimes use live models. That makes the cover unique.

When authors complain about their book not selling, we look at the covers first. Sometimes we need to make new covers and then the book sells better. This shows how important the cover is.

irish-encounter-fcWe ask our authors what they want on their cover. Our cover designer, Diane Turpin, works with the author to have the best cover for the book. We like to have the last word, since Diane is an artist and knows more about color, placement, and design. We want the cover to make a statement.

I’m showing some of our covers that stand out to us. We hope you like them.

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