o-reading-manuscript-facebookWriting is a learning experience. Every writer has to learn the art of writing. It isn’t easy, and it takes time.

Read novels. Not just any novel, but books written in the genre you like to read. Pick a good author. One who is well-known in their genre and one that has a lot of books sold. They are going to be the best ones to read. Watch how they write. How they construct their sentences. Notice their attributes and how they put them at the end of a sentence. Pay attention to action tags. Study their style of writing. You won’t copy them, but get an idea of what you want to do.

Study books on the craft of writing. Most of them are boring, but there are a few good writers out there that can write an interesting instructional book. Some of the ones I’ve enjoyed are by James Scott Bell, Donald Maas, and Steven James. These write excellent books on writing. is one tool I recommend all of my authors. It is the best editing tool I’ve found. It shows passive words, repeated words, dangling participles, and long sentences. I’ve used other tools, but this is the best.

Read aloud. After the manuscript is finished, read it out loud. You can also use a speech program to read it to you. Either way, you want to be able to hear the words you wrote. Listen to what it says and you will realize how it sounds to a reader.

Take classes on writing. American Christian Fiction Writers presents a different class each month. Take them and learn. Each class is different and taught by people who know what they’re doing. I’m doing one in the winter, but I’m not sure I fit in the above statement.

Have fun writing. Take your time and learn as you go. Practice daily. Write daily. You will be surprised how much your writing will improve.

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