Several months ago, I began Friday Fables to let you the readers know what happened this week and what we are planning.

This was a non-eventful week with only writing work. We have received several proposals and one I’m working on now. Then, there’s the regular work getting books ready to publish. We’re working on three books to publish by the end of the year.

The next book to publish is Keeper of the Flame by Mary Kay Tuberty. This is the third book in a four book series of The Carty Sisters Series. I like this book and I believe it’s the best so far. Can’t wait to see it published.

We’re also getting Hobo Pete by Connie Lounsbury ready for a November release. This book is set during the depression and is about a veterinarian who loses everything and fights his way back. Good read!

The third book is Red Morning Glory by Cyn Taylor. It’s the second in the Smoky Mountain Mist Series and is about the model, Glory, who was introduced in the first book. If you like the Smoky Mountains and fly fishing, you’ll enjoy this book.

Tomorrow, September 17, our writers group, KenTen Writers Group will be participating in a book signing at Crittenden County Public Library in Marion, KY. I’d like to invite everyone who lives in the area to attend during the hours of 10:00 a.m to 1:00 p.m. From 10-11 will be a Meet the Author time with each of us telling about our writing. The remainder of the time will be the book signing. Sounds like fun and thanks to Regina Merrick for hosting this. We’re looking forward to some fun times and meeting some nice readers.

That’s about all until next week. Have a wonderful weekend.

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