Saturday my writers group had a book signing at a library in a small town in Kentucky. This is one marketing tool I like to use from time to time. It’s a good way to meet your readers.

The librarian at Crittenden County Public Library, Regina Merrick, is in our group and she did an outstanding job pushing this signing. That is what makes a good book signing.

This is what I’ve learned along the way concerning book signings.

You need people to come. Numbers are important. Along the way you will have a book signing with no people or only two or three. This is disheartening to the author. Most people think we’re rolling in money anyway, so why bother helping us by buying our books. How little they know.

You have to have buying readers. Of course we get royalties and advances, but isn’t it nice to go home with a jingle in your pocket? You feel your day was not wasted.

Make it interesting. What you say about yourself and your books help to sell them. We each did a five-minute speech to begin. I learned things about the authors in our group that I didn’t know previously. We laughed and we were inspired.

Have a good marketing plan. Regina did a lot of marketing for us. She had an ad in the newspaper, blogs, Facebook, and Twitter. We all joined in with promoting this event. Regina also had flyers made to encourage people to come by and visit with us.

Relax and enjoy the day. Talk to your guests. Make them feel comfortable. Make them feel special. You’ll be surprised how they will feel about your book and you.

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