Most of us do not consider our writing a job. We sit down at the computer when we want to and write as long as we want to. We are on no time schedule. If you had a job at a store or office, would you do that?office-space

If you are making a living writing, it should be considered a job. You should have office hours and break times. I believe we work better when we are dressed to work, not pajamas, but work clothes. We are more productive if we feel we are working for someone, us.

My office hours are from 9-4. I take Saturdays and Sundays off and most evenings. Usually, my lunch time is an hour, but sometimes it’s only a few minutes, depending on how rushed I am. I tend to work faster with deadlines than without.

Give yourself a test. Make a spreadsheet and post the time you sit down at your desk, which I prefer for working, and when you leave the desk. That includes laundry, husband/children interruptions, text messages, Facebook, and emails. Anything that takes you away from your work. Do this for a week and see how many hours you spend “on the job.” You’ll be amazed.

Get dressed. I think that is important. I can’t sit down at the computer until I have showered and dressed. If you are a woman and feel better with make-up, go for it. Personally, I don’t wear that much even when I go out. God has blessed me with good skin.

When you are in a comfortable chair at your desk, begin by putting your time down and start to work. Punch that timecard every time you come or go to work. Your time at work is important to what you are doing. You’ll be more productive when you do this simple thing.

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