This has been a busy week for me. We’ve received one signed contract and I have a proposal to read, plus editing two books. To be honest, I’m working on three books. Ketheper of the Flame by Mary Kay Tuberty will release next month. It’s in the last edit and almost completed. A Hobo’s Wish by Connie Lounsbury will release in November. I’m also editing Red Morning Glory by Cyn Taylor that will release later, not sure of the date right now.

Our open dates in 2017 are few, and I like that. Several authors will be publishing their second, third, and fourth book in a series next year. I love series.

The contract we received is for a new series, Prairie Sky Series, by Cynthia Roemer. Her first book will release in May, Under This Same Sky. We’re very excited to have Cynthia join our family of authors.

New authors have to struggle to get known in the writing industry. To get a writer fan-base, you have to attend conferences, be active on Facebook, and be active in blogs. If no one has heard of you, they’re not going to be anxious to buy your book. I like to encourage everyone to write on Facebook each day and write a blog. I was told to have one thing to be an “expert” about. Let me give you some examples.

Natasha Kern, an agent with Natasha Kern Literary Agency, writes almost daily about rocks, beautiful rocks. She is also a flower lover and grows beautiful flowers. If I see her name on Facebook, I’ll go to her post because my time won’t be wasted. I’ll learn something about her and what she loves.

Deborah Raney likes yard sales. Each week she shows things she’s purchased at a yard sale on Thursday. She shows her beautifully decorated home. She and I have a fondness for orchids.

Janice Hanna Thompson has a fan page she writes on daily and sometimes more than once a day. She talks about her books and what’s going on in her life. I’ve know Janice since I started writing and I eagerly read her posts on Facebook.

These ladies are all good at what they do, but they don’t cram it down your throat. Realize what your talent is and go for it. You will get more book sales if you post more. Understand that not all books are sold in bookstores. Some are sold on Amazon. In fact, most are sold on Amazon.

How do you buy a book? I’m on Bookbub, and I get a list of approved books each day. If I don’t know the author from Adam, I probably won’t get their book even if it is free. I buy books from people I know. I think most of us do. So if you’re trying to build a reader base, let people know you are there. How do you buy a book?


3 thoughts on “FRIDAY FABLES

  1. Kathy, I enjoyed this post. It’s informative and true. Many authors become discouraged from seeing little resulst from their hard work, writing and marketing.

    But writing is our passion, and though selling books boosts our morale, we will write because we love it and market because we desire that many will read our books. It’s not only about the money; but I’d be the first to admit, the number of books we sell is the main token by which we measure our worth.


  2. I’ve been told blogging twice a week is enough, and I’ve been doing that for about seven years. I blog about words, books, and kids, and often review books for children. I’ve been to lots of conferences and spoken at quite a few, and I’m on Facebook, where I have nearly 2000 “friends,” every day. I’m also on several other online sites, but don’t use those as often.


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