The hardest part of being an author is promoting yourself. When a reader reads one of your booKatt Andersonks, they make two decisions. 1. They want to know more about you as a person. 2. They never want to read another book. I like the first reason best because that’s the way I’ve felt about several authors.

People may not know a lot about you, but you do tell a little about yourself in each book you write. Most of you know nothing about me, so bear with me while I give you a little sketch about myself.

I’m a Christian first. This is the most important part of my life and the reason I write and publish Christian fiction. I’m a wife, mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. I was born in the mountains of East Tennessee in the second oldest town in the state. I have a strong mountain heritage being descended from the Melungeon race. There’s only a smidget, but it’s in there. Most of my adult life has been in sales and management. I’ve given a speech on the stage where Elvis sang in Palms Springs, CA. I’ve travel a bit, both with my work and for pleasure. I am passionate about writing and helping authors write better. I love growing orchids and after killing a bunch, I’m now growing them.

Does this show in my writing? You bet it does! I write about Melungons and I write historical novels.

Your life shows in your novels, whether you want it to or not. Most novels are an extension of you. You can’t change that. Bits and parts of you spill over in each novel.

People are inquisitive creatures. They want to feel they know you. If you never reveal anything about yourself, how can they get to know you? That’s where Facebook comes in.

By writing daily something on Facebook, and giving a little about yourself when you do, you begin to have people become interested in you and what you write. Blogs others write about you should include something about yourself. Half of writing is promoting or marketing. Another name for marketing is promoting. We have to promote ourselves.

There’s a lot more I could have told you about myself, my five grandchildren, my three great-grandchildren, my love of music, my love of travel, etc. I could go on and on. But, I’ll leave that for another time. We can drop snippets of ourselves in each blog.

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