A writer’s live is filled with stress and patience. If you are like me, you get stressed when you don’t have enough time to do all you want to do. Our family has to be cared for, but we have a deadline or a quota to make today. It gets hectic!

Keeping lists is one way to have less stress. I try to keep lists in my head of tasks that need to be accomplished each day. But, I’m human and I forget. Then I go to my friend, I’d never heard of trello until a few months ago. It’s a free website where you list things that need to be done. You can do the list daily, or monthly, or how often you need to do it. I do a general list and a daily list. You can also do a team list that can include your family, employees, or friends. Trello keeps me organized.

Patience is another story. When I figure it out, I’ll let you know. I think it takes time to calm down and relax. We need that relaxing time often. Only a few minutes with a relaxing book, the Bible, or a hobby can make a difference in your world. You also have to remember you are not the only person in the world, and you need to think about other people.

Although we don’t publish any books in December, we need that time to begin on the next years releases. It takes us about four months to do edits and get a book published, and that’s pushing it. In December, or when the last book is finished, I start the edits on the next years books. Usually by then, I’m ahead of the game. I hate to be rushed right before a book releases. With the help of the author, everything has to be gone over and made sure the book looks perfect.

Our last two books of the year are Keeper of the Flame, by Mary Kay Tuberty and A Hobo’s Wish by Connie Lounsbury. As soon as we get the last one ready for publication, I’ll feel free to work harder on the next manuscript.

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