why-do-you-writeEach of us have different reasons for writing. You could have known all along you wanted to be a writer and majored in journalism in college, or you may love to tell stories. No matter what your reason, you are drawn to the computer, pen, and paper.

My story is a lot like others. I’ve used writing for therapy. Before my father passed away, we found out my mother had dementia. When my dad died, my mom moved in with us, and I was her provider. I’ve never regretted a minute of her care, but I needed an escape. Writing was my escape outlet. I know other writers who have and are experiencing the same as I did for several years.

After my mom passed away, I had more time to write, and again I turned to writing for therapy. It helped get me through the rough spots of dealing with her death.

I admire others who have known for years they want to write and prepared themselves for writing. Writing is a learning experience and if you don’t want to learn the art, you’ll be disappointed with writing. We all need to take time to learn about writing. I’m not the best writer, but I am improving each day because I write each day.

Maybe you are a story teller and feel there is a story in your head that you must tell. I’m your biggest fan because that’s the way I feel. We all have stories and we need to lean on these stories we’ve lived with all of our life. Most of us have a story to tell.

However you feel about writing, write each day. It doesn’t have to be a chapter, but the practice you get from writing will amaze you. Use helps like editMenion.com to help you with your writing. Find good books about writing and read them. I recommend one teaching book to two fiction books. Read authors who write in the same genre as you. If you write suspense, read suspense. The same for romance or historical fiction. This will help you in your writing.

As I said, write daily. Don’t miss a day writing something, a blog, a post of Facebook, or anything. It will increase your confidence and amaze you how much your writing skill has improved. Be happy and write.

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