Every few months, I like to write about Mantle Rock Publishing. I am passionate about building a strong publishing business. Our company is based on Christian principles and will not change in that aspect. We are also passionate about helping new authors get their foot in the door of publishing.

Although this year’s publications are blocked in, we do have a couple of slots for authors who have an outstanding book. We do work with both authors who have agents and those that do not. We realize most of these authors need some work to get a book published. Every author should make sure their book is as good as possible before they send it to an agent or publisher. If you feel you need a professional edit to impress the agent or publisher, do it. It will pay off in the long run.a-hobos-wish-cover

At this time, we have openings for Christian Historical Romance, Christian Romantic Suspense, and Christian Contemporary Romance. We are a royalty paying publisher. At the present, we do not give an advance, but you will receive royalties with the first book sold.

Our books can be found on, in both print and ebooks. We invite everyone to check us out and read our submission guidelines. If you have any questions, please contact us at
Our next book to release will be A Hobo’s Wish by Connie Lounsbury. It will release November 15 on The cover is awesome.

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