writing-trends-2016Each day there are new trends in writing. The way we write changes constantly.

The newest thing I’ve heard discussed is shorter books. We are becoming busier and busier each day, which can be good or bad. Because of our shorter retention span, people want shorter books. No one wants to sit down and read a 100,000 word book anymore. They want to get through it quickly so they can do something else.

We’ve always asked for 80,000 words or more for a book, but most publishers now are asking for shorter books. Novellas are the big thing now, as are short stories. It doesn’t take us long to read them, but the books are not as deep. That’s what people want. Even Love Inspired Suspense asks for 65,000 words.

For about a year now, I’ve asked for “fluffy” books. A quick read, nothing to think a lot about, but an interesting story. I’d like to see something that will make the reader feel good, but be a little challenging also.

Several authors are now writing short stories, about 10,000 words. There are several ways you can market them. Several authors can write with a central theme and package them to make a set of novellas. Short stories can also be sold to magazines, either online or print. A lot of authors started out writing these short stories and selling them. It’s one way to get your name out there before the public.

How do I feel about this trend? I haven’t decided yet. I like a book that tells a story, not skim over the facts. I want to feel like I’ve read something. I guess I like to savor a book.

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