book-publishingToday I wanted to talk a little about the process of publishing. A lot of new authors don’t realize the process we go through to get your book published. This is a good day to go through that process.

We only accept electronic proposals. Please do not waste your money in sending a complete or partial manuscript to us by US mail. We will not consider it any sooner if we have it in hand. In fact, I never print out a manuscript. Everything we do is on the computer. Computers are amazing things.

When I receive a proposal, whether through an agent or an author, I will look at it and read through what you’ve sent. It may take one to two weeks to do this, but it will be done. If I like what I see, I’ll ask for a full manuscript. If we are busy, it may take up to a month for me to read the full manuscript, but I will. If things are slower, I’ll read it faster.

If I like what I see, I’ll send out a contract. Our contract states we are a Print On Demand company. By that, we only put books in Amazon unless a bookstore contacts us. We have a reason for that. As some publishers have found out, the returns can ruin their company. It’s been done before. The only way we can put a book in a major bookstore is to agree to take returns. If the books doesn’t sell, we’re either stuck with a bunch of books, or they are destroyed. Either way, you as an author lose money. Since we are a small company, a lot of returns could put us out of business. Therefore, we sell on

The contract will also state the date we require the manuscript to be in our hands and the release date. Some authors want to go over their manuscript one more time before they send the final copy to us. We give each author one month to do whatever needs to be done before sending it to us.

The release date is usually six months after we receive the final copy. In that six months, your manuscript is edited, returned to you for corrections, and edited again. When you get the last edit, we like for you to read it out loud in your own voice. We ask you to state that the book is ready for publication.

After the contract is signed and returned to us, we send you a Cover Questionnaire to complete and return to us. It will help the cover designer to make a cover to your liking, and yes, you will see the copy and be able to approve the cover.

We like to start the publishing process at lease three months before release. This keeps us from being rushed and making mistakes. We can also order a proof copy for you to see.

Publishing is not done overnight. It takes time to do a good job. The editors, cover designer, and manuscript set up person has to work together with you the author. We want each author to consider themselves in a partnership with Mantle Rock Publishing LLC. We can all work together.


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