smokies-fire-2This is my part of the country. I was born and raised about fifty-five miles from the Gatlinburg area. Even went there as a child when Pigeon Forge was only a way to cross the Little Pigeon River. When I heard about the wildfires, I was heartsick.

From what I’m hearing, the area has not been completely assessed yet. We have heard some rumors of structures that have been destroyed. I’m praying that the news will not be as bad as they’re saying when they can evaluate the damage.

Places we knew and have visited in the past have been destroyed or damaged beyond repair. We had worshiped at the Gatlinburg church of Christ, and from what we hear, it may be destroyed. They are insured, so that helps a little. Buildings can be rebuilt.

Anytime you live in the mountains, fires are a danger. My husband and I are both aware of the dangers. Not only do animals die and lose their homes, people do also. When I was small, I learned to respect fire. A fire destroyed our woods behind our house and came close to the house. I can still see the hill on fire and my dad and neighbors working so hard to keep the fire from spreading. It will be hard for the residents to adjust to the devastation, but with God’s help, they will.

Remember to pray for these people. They will need help to rebuild. Things can be rebuilt, human lives can’t.

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