MRP LogoIf we ever stop doing something, we will lose the ability to do that task. We will also lose that desire to do it. Continuity is important to everyone, especially a writer. All the books on writing will tell you to write something each day. This helps us to keep focused on our writing.

I’m a big fan of marketing because I feel if we don’t market our books, we won’t sell them. I have the facts to prove that in my own company. Our authors who are constantly talking about their books are selling more than the ones who think after they’ve published they’ve hit the gravy train. It doesn’t work like that.

As an author, we have to leave our comfort zone. It’s hard to realize that millions of readers don’t know who you are. You need to reach most of those readers. If you don’t reach them, you don’t sell books. It’s that simple.

How do you reach the masses without spending a fortune? I’ve talked about social media several times and how it is important to your popularity. That’s about all social media does. It doesn’t sell books. To sell books, you have to direct the readers to where the books are sold.

On my Facebook, I have around 1,500 friends. Of those 1,500 friends, probably less than a hundred will see this post when I’m finished with it. If I direct them to my web and invite them to go to, I will be able to direct them to to buy the books. The best way to reach people is through emails.

I have one email that I look at several times a day. It’s my business email and that’s the most important to me. I read every email that comes in my in box. I have one that is for junk. If you name pops up in it, and I recognize it, I’ll read the email, otherwise I delete them. That helps to keep my business email open to less traffic and junk. I send a lot of junky mail there.

My newsletter goes to email addresses that have agreed to receive it. If anyone wants to receive a newsletter from my company, they have to sign up on my website. I’ve been putting my newsletters on Facebook and Twitter, but I’m going to do a test and stop it to see if my email list will grow.

You must advertise your web address to get people to come to your website. This takes time each day. If we are not getting new people, we will fail. We need readers. Get those “follow” buttons up on your website. Advertise your web address in each email you send out. Talk about your book on Facebook, Twitter, and blogs. It’s good to have it on your signature line, but you need to talk about it also.

So, let’s get started with marketing. Let’s get our books out there. Go out of that comfort zone and try one new thing. You can do it. I know you can!

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