The new year is here, and I’ve made a few resolutions. I hope these will be easy to keep, it’s not to watch my weight, eat healthy, or exercise, although I need to do those regularly. It’s more about Mantle Rock Publishing.

Publishing books is my joy. There is more to do than publishing and hoping they’ll sell. This year, I’m going to work closer with my authors to help them to market their books. Some will listen to me and some won’t. That’s okay.

This year, I’ll blog on each Tuesday, or I’ll try to blog on each Tuesday. I’ve found out more people read my blog at 11 a.m. on Tuesdays than any other time.

My newsletter will be sent out twice a month on Wednesdays. The fun thing about writing newsletters and blogs is that you can do them anytime and either schedule them to be sent at a certain time, or save them and send them manually. If you would like to receive my newsletter, email me a mantlerockpublishing@gmail.com.

So far this year, we have published one ebook and one print book. Red Morning Glory is the second book in The Smoky Mountain Mist Series by Cyn Taylor.

Glory Donaghan has a wonderful church, a devoted family, and a flourishing career. She feels God’s hand on every aspect of her life. That life flips when Glory awakens in a hospital bed accused of drug abuse by Tanner rmg-front-coverSlade, a man she’d just met. Her problems compound when the infuriating angler continues to involve himself in her life. When Glory tries to help an abused teen, more complications arise, and her own life is threatened. Her perfect world disintegrates, along with her faith. Tanner Slade knows drug users are deceptive and fights his growing attachment to Glory. He refuses to allow his heart to rule his head a second time. Presented with an opportunity to leave Tennessee and the turmoil behind, Glory battles her conscience while Tanner Slade engages in a war with her heart.   The romantic setting of the Great Smoky Mountains and the sport of fly fishing bring Tanner and Glory together. Their conflicted hearts need a lesson in trust, if life will allow them time to discover their true path.

This book is for sale on Amazon.com. If you read the first one in the series, you’ll have to see what happens to Glory.

Our next book will be released in March, and you can pre-order the ebook beginning next month. I’ll tell you more later. Have a wonderful week.

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