digital-worldAuthors have to adjust to a digital world, along with all of us. It’s hard to have that mindset, but if you want to grow your readership, you will. Let me tell you what I think about digitality. That’s not a word, I’m a writer and I can make up my own.

How many bookstores have you noticed closing recently? It’s amazing how this world is changing. It’s been at least three years since I’ve been in a bookstore, and there are several reasons. 1. I don’t have one in my town. Well, I do, but the owner told me she didn’t sell books. So, in reality, I don’t have one. 2. The closest one of reasonable size is twenty miles away. A large one is in Nashville, an hour and a half away. 3. Amazon has changed the worlds thoughts regarding buying books. 4. I love a digital book. I can take a lot of books with me when I travel. I always have one handy.

Recently, I read that one of the large bookstores will be going to smaller bookstores and only carry the New York Times Best Sellers. That leaves a lot of us out. They are also going to have a coffee and wine bar in some stores.

Then we look at Amazon which is going great. They are opening successful box stores. It’s also great for me (because I live in the boonies) to open and find a book I like. A digital is on my Kindle in seconds, and a print book is at my door in two days with no shipping cost because I am a member of Amazon Prime.

Today, digital marketing is growing. With all of our devices, we can market our book from our living room, office, or car. I love the idea of emails and blogs. It’s easier for me to reach a large number of people with my computer, than talking one-on-one. Saves time also.

Facebook Live is coming into more use. One of our authors did a video to market her book on her Facebook page. She received a lot of comments and views. We need to be aware of all these venues we have at our fingertips and take advantage of them.

On February 21, 2017 at 2 p.m. Central Time, I will do a Facebook Live to introduce Mantle Rock Publishing. Please come and visit with me. If you will send any questions you may have to, I’ll be glad to answer them and put your name into a drawing for a free ebook published by our company. Tell your friends and mark that date. I’d love to see a large group.

My newsletter will come out tomorrow. If you’re not on the list, email me at and I’ll be glad to add your name.

Kathy Cretsinger, Mantle Rock Publishing LLC

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