There’s a segment on our local news called “What’s Going Around?” It refers to the illnesses the doctors are treating in this area. What’s going around here is the flu. About 25% of our congregation were absent Sunday due to the flu. As of this date, it hasn’t touched our house. I’m so thankful for that.

cover-dont-leave-me-nowWhat’s going around here at Mantle Rock Publishing is busy. We release the ebook of Don’t Ask Me to Leave by Micki Clark tomorrow. I’m doing a Facebook Live at 7 p.m. CST. Join me and ask me today on Facebook what helps us to decide to publish a book. I’m giving away one free copy of the ebook from the questions answered during the time we’re on Live. Join me and send in questions regarding how we decide which book to publish.

When you preorder Don’t Ask Me to Leave and send a screenshot, or something to show you purchased the book on Amazon, Micki will send you a brochure about Mt. Sterling, KY. The book is set in Mt. Sterling and I had no idea it was such an interesting place. This brochure will only go to those who preorder the ebook.

This month I am also teaching a class on American Christian Fiction Writers online course about Small Publishers vs Independent Publishers. It’s been very good so far. There have been a lot of questions and discussions. If you’re a member of ACFW, join in the fun.

We have a good list of books to release the first half of the year. We decided to preorder the ebooks in order to give people a better chance to purchase a book. I love preorders and purchase several a year. I don’t like to put them out more than a month ahead of release. The print book and ebook for Don’t Ask Me to Leave will both release March 16, 2017.

carolina-dream-2In March, Carolina Dream by Regina Merrick will release as a preorder with the print and ebook releasing in April. I asked for a fluffy romance, and I got it. Regina’s book is so good and you can get lost in the romance. We will do a Facebook Live with this book the first few days of March. Don’t have an exact date yet. This is Regina’s first book, as it is also Micki’s. They are both exceptional writers and I know all of the readers will enjoy their books.

If you don’t join me live tomorrow, the segment will be on Facebook and you can see it later. I’m looking forward to some good questions.

Have a wonderful day and may God bless you richly.


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