write-a-reviewRecently, I’ve been on a writers loop that has had a thread about reviews. Reviews are hard to get, I’ll agree, but a good review is worth millions. If you like a book, you should be willing to write a review. Even if you don’t like the book, you can find something nice to say.

How do you get someone to write a review for you? It’s harder to get a review than it is to pull hen’s teeth. It shouldn’t be, but it is. Every new author has this problem, and I hope I can help you a little.

When you personally give someone a book to review have a pad and pencil, ipad, phone, or something to write on. As you hand them the book, tell them you’re writing their name down. Let them see you make the list. I learned this a long, long time ago selling Tupperware. When we made a date for the next party, we let the future hostess see us write her name down in our datebook. It works. When people know you’re serious, they’ll help you out more.

Tell the reader how important the review is to you. It will help you sell books, it will encourage others to buy books, and you will love to see what they think of your book. You hope they’re as excited as you are when they finish reading the book.

After a few weeks, give them a call, or better yet see them in town, church, grocery, etc., and ask them face to face about the review. It is very important to get reviews.

How many times have you seen a book on BookBub and the little blurb says, “Over 1,000 reviews…” One review can sell the book for you. We’re not going to talk about bad reviews. And, Amazon frowns on promising someone something to give a review. So, don’t do that. Tell them how important a review is for you and why you need it.

If people know you’re serious and this is important to you, they’ll help you out. When the reader gives a review, remember to thank them. Give them a call or thank them in person. It will mean a lot to the reader to be thanked, and it will mean a lot to you to get a good review.

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