Marketing Strategies

If you read many books, you know each author has their own voice. It’s the same with marketing. Each writer has a different marketing strategy. I get several requests a week, and sometimes a day, asking about marketing. Let’s see if I can give you some hints about this dreaded subject.

Marketing can be fun, if it is done right. It can be a pain if it isn’t.

Most authors do several book signings when their book first comes out. To me that’s the easy part. If the event is advertised by the author and the place where the signing is taking place, it is usually successful. Even then, we need to add something to it. A couple of my authors have given me some hints of things they do.

It’s always busy at a book signing. It’s hard to remember the name of the person who is buying the book and how they want the inscription. One of our authors takes someone with her, usually her husband. He takes the money when they purchase the book, puts the customer’s name on a post it, and sticks it in the book. When the author opens the book, she has all the information with the correct spelling of the name. The reader is so happy to have their name spelled right. This also frees the author up to have more conversation time with the reader.

Another of our authors has something on the table to draw people’s attention. Her sons are in the military and she puts play soldiers on her tables along with Army hats. This opens the door to conversation.

If you have a beach book, you could put shells, or something related to the beach on your table. Even a lighthouse, which I have a good collection. Anything to draw people to your table, especially if there are several authors in the room.

How do you get the word out about a new book, a book signing, or a sale on your book? Use an email newsletter or blog. It’s proven that more people will read an email than a Facebook or Twitter post. Ask people on Facebook or Twitter to sign up for your newsletter or blog. I have a different newsletter from this blog. Mostly because I have more readers than authors on my newsletter. It’s so easy to do. For my newsletters, I use MailChimp. My blog is on my website. It also goes to Twitter and Facebook.

These are a few things I have learned along the way about marketing. It can be what you make it. It takes time and no one does enough.

So what is your favorite marketing strategy?

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