Summer is usually a little slower at MRP. It seems we get really busy in the spring and the fall, and when summer gets here, we’re a little tired and busy for various reasons outside of MRP.

This year is no exception. Our cover designer also works a day job at a church serving as the office manager and different other capacities. Summer is always busy for her. She has VBS in June and church camp in July. She has to work late and doesn’t get much time to work for us. We try to schedule around her schedule.

At this time our editor is having some family problems. She teaches high school Spanish and French, and usually her summers are pretty easy. At this time her mother-in-law is nearing the end of her life. It’s sad when you have to go through something like this, but it happens to all of us.

I’m the only one who has a less stressful summer. It’s hard to keep work hours when you work at home, but I try. I’m writing my part of a novel that I’m writing with our editor, Pam Harris. We’ve been writing this novel for over a year and finally it will publish in October 2017. We’re both about half-way through, and I plan to write more today. I’ve never written a contemporary romance, so we’ll see how it comes out. At this point, I’m writing whatever comes into my head. Editing will come later next month.

The Copper BoxThe Copper Box by Suzanne J. Bratcher will release in print book on June 6.

The next book will be Aimee by Pam Harris on June 27, 2017.

We have July off with the next book releasing August 1, 2017. This book is by one of our previous authors, Jacqueline Wheelock. If you enjoyed A Most Precious Gift, then I think you will enjoy continuing the story with In Search of an Emerald.

In addition to the books publishing, I will be speaking at KenTen Writers Retreat July 12-15, 2017. This should be a wonderfully busy summer. Of course there will be the usual VBS and other things we do with family and friends. Where did the first part of the year go?

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