Tybee Island Savannah GeorgiaWhere did the other five months go? It seems like only yesterday we were celebrating New Year’s Day, and now it’s June. The remainder of the year will be pretty simple for us. We’ve already had our vacation, but maybe we can sneak in a few mini trips.

We had planned to take a trip out west, but hubs is having some knee problems, and I don’t have the stamina for a ten day bus trip. Instead we decided to take a short vacation to Tybee Island and Savannah, Ga. This is my favorite vacation in America, but my most favorite vacation is to Scotland. We have family there, so it makes it extra special.

Once upon a time I wanted to write a book about Scotland and the Tobacco Barons. The Tobacco Barons were a group of men who owned tobacco plantations in Southern America and the Caribbean Islands. They had become very rich and lived mostly in Glasgow. Streets were named after the states, Virginia, Georgia, etc. I found it very interesting, but an agent told me I couldn’t write Christian fiction and include that much about tobacco since it harmed people. That idea flew out the window. I still think it’d be an interesting story.

June is busy with our KenTen Writers Retreat. Our writers group, KenTen Writers, decided several years ago to have a retreat and learn more about each other and writing. For the past four years, it’s been a great success. It was so successful that we have outgrown all the cabins and houses we could rent. Last fall we decided to open our retreat to more people. Our limit was 30 and we will have 27 guests attending this year. We have our speakers lined up, the venue will be at Paris Landing State Park in Buchanan, TN. Everyone will arrive June 12 with a barbecue at 5:30 p.m. We have the next two days filled with classes, mentoring, and brainstorming. Several of our MRP authors will be there including our full staff. There will be classes on writing a romantic suspense, writing a series, writing your way, marketing, cover design, and grammar. That’s a full agenda. It’s going to be such fun. Oh, I almost forgot. There will be a play. We’ve done this several times, and it’s so much fun. Everyone will be involved. Registration is now closed for the retreat, but we will have another one next year.

This is the beautiful cover for the next book to release the last of September, Aimee, by Pam Watts Harris. More about the book will come in the next blog.

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