WE’RE BUSTING AT OUR SEAMS. It does feel that way. Summer is supposed to slow down, but not with publishing. We’ve released one book this month and have another to go at the end of the month. There are several proposals in my Inbox that I haven’t looked at yet.

Monday will begin our KenTen Writers Retreat at Paris Landing State Park in Buchanan, Tennessee. Several great authors are scheduled to speak. I’m sure everyone will enjoy it. One thing we’ve always done is have an adlib play. The one we’re doing Tuesday night was done last year. It was so much fun that we decided to do it again. We have a few new players this year, plus an audience of investigators. The new players have no idea who the murder is. That makes it so much better, although I’ve been asked several times to divulge the murderer. I know, but I won’t tell.

June 6, 2017 was the release date of The Copper Box by Suzanne J. Bratcher. This is a cozy mystery set in the real Ghost Town of Jerome, AZ.

The Copper BoxJerome, Arizona: the largest ghost town in America

Antiques expert Marty Greenlaw comes to Jerome to face the horror that haunts her dreams: Did she kill her little sister twenty-two years ago?

Historian Paul Russell is in Jerome to face his own horror: Was the car crash that killed his wife his fault?

Their lives become intertwined when an old lady dies on a long staircase in a vintage Victorian house. As Marty and Paul search the house for a small copper box Marty believes will unlock the mystery, accidents begin to happen.

Someone else wants the copper box—someone willing to commit murder to get it. As Marty and Paul face the shadows in the house and in their lives, they must learn to put the past behind them and run the race God is calling them to.

I enjoyed this book so much and I’m sure you will also.

The next book to release on June 27, 2017 is Aimee by Pam Watts Harris. I’d like to save it for next week, but I’ll give you a sneak peek of the cover.

This book is also set in Arizona. Part of Pam’s growing up years were spent in Strawberry, AZ, and that is the setting of this book. It’s a Historical Romance and very well written.

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