What’s Wrong with a Little Backstory?

A couple of years ago Pam Watts Harris told me about a book she wanted to write. It was a Historical Romance, Christian, and it was set in Strawberry, AZ. I read it and naturally cut the first chapter. It’s very rare that I don’t cut the first chapter. I’ve found newer writers, and some more experienced ones, put too much backstory in the first chapter. This happened with Aimee.

Pam was so gracious to listen to me and then make the changes. It has helped the book so much. Aimee will release the last of June. We’ve set a release date of June 27, 2017. Pam is our editor at Mantle Rock Publishing and a wonderful friend. I love this book, as I do all the books we publish. It will not be on preorder because of the time factor. It will be sold on Amazon.com on June 27. I’ll give you more information about it later. Enjoy the blurb and cover.

Aimee Winters has made the bravest decision of her life. Left alone and homeless, she has accepted her father’s offer to stay with him in the Arizona territory and teach at the local school. The problem is she has no memory of her father, having been raised by her mother and taught that her father died when she was a baby. Hungry to know the truth of her past, she leaves Memphis behind and journeys alone to the mountainous region where she faces challenges she never could have anticipated. The rugged living conditions and the isolation of the community are almost more than she can bear, but she is determined to prove she can do things “the Arizona way.” It doesn’t help that the handsome rancher, Levi Raines, seems to take a special delight in pointing out her weaknesses. It isn’t long, however, until her heart is woven into the lives of her students, their families, and especially Levi. As their relationship grows, the shadow of their very different backgrounds and goals is ever present. Can they find common ground?


2 thoughts on “What’s Wrong with a Little Backstory?

  1. The publisher cut the first two chapters of my first book. It wasn’t backstory, just (as a romance) didn’t start at the right point. Currently I’m editing for an author who took 4 pages of Chapter Two to recount and write a synopsis of his previous book in the series. I know that’s what he did because I edited the previous book, too. LOL. It was not easy to tell this author that it had to go, but the author took it gracefully. Whew!


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