New Release and Other Mantle Rock News

Today, the eBook version for In Pursuit of an Emerald by Jacqueline Freeman Wheelock goes on preorder. This book is a continuance of A Most Precious Gift by Jacqueline that we published in 2014. I loved the story of Violette and wanted to know what happened to her after the Civil War. Jacqueline leads us down several roads to explain more about Violette and her little sister, Emerald. If you love history this is a wonderful book for you.

The print version releases August 15, 2017. We are reducing the price of the eBook to $2.99 until it releases. Then it will be priced at $3.99.

In Pursuit of an EmeraldAll ex-slave Violette McMillan ever wanted is to see her troubled daughter Emerald grow up to be a better person than she has been, so when Benjamin Catlett, an old acquaintance, asks her to become his bookkeeper in 1869, in a business that is sinking due to southern backlash during the Reconstruction era, she agrees. But when his arrogance surfaces, their goals collide, and Violette wonders if she might be forced to renege at the expense of her daughter’s future education.

Benjamin Catlett is plagued by his past as a free man of color whose African American father was a slaveholder. Renouncing his father’s way of life, he moves to Natchez hoping to quietly atone. But his new hire, Violette McMillan, and her flirtatious teenage daughter, Emerald, test the limits of his good intentions one time too many, offending his straight-laced upbringing and tempting him to fire her.

Will the Lord who tugs at the heart of both Benjamin and Violette prevail in their efforts to tolerate each other and finally affirm the love already blossoming in their hearts?

Don’t miss this! I’m on The Lena Nelson Dooley Show on the Along Came a Writer Network from 12:00 p.m. to 12:30 p.m. CDT on Tuesday, July 18, 2017. It’s going to be a busy day!

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