BIG NEWS for Mantle Rock!

As a writer and a publisher, I constantly try to stay up to date on trends in marketing. For about eighteen months, I’ve wanted to start podcasting. Every place I looked it was so expensive, but in the eighteen months I’ve been rolling this concept over in my mind things have improved. So I have bit the bullet.

In the near future, our podcasts will be airing once a week with different authors, both published by Mantle Rock Publishing and other publishers. We will also explore writing tips and ways to grow your business through social media, marketing, and book launches.

The first podcast has probably already aired by the time this post is made.

Click here to listen!

The name of the podcast is “That’s My Book.” At this moment, they will air on Wednesdays. That’s one day I know I will be home, but the easy part about podcasting is it can be done ahead of time.

The podcast will also be here on I’m still learning, and I will know more by next week. I’ve never been a podcast listener, having only listened to a few, but I do enjoy what I have heard so far. “That’s My Book” will be an audio broadcast.

Thanks to Erin Howard for helping this old woman try to understand what we’re doing. Also a big thanks to her son, Daniel, for telling us how to use Skype. Sometimes you have to get an expert to consult with, even if he is eleven years old. He did know more than we did.

Several authors have already stated their desire to be on the podcast. If any other authors would like to participate, please email me at I will begin recording next week.

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